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The help for tourists in Ukraine

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posted by VladislavMerut on 4 Jun 2012
The help for tourists in Ukraine
My name is Vladislav. I from the country of Ukraine, the city of Donetsk. In our country and the city will pass Euro 2012. And here about it I want to write some lines.

I like to travel (India, Egypt, Switzerland, Russia), and I know as heavy to have to the tourist. On it I decided to provide the help all to tourists who come to my city of Donetsk for Euro 2012. Is ready to help with travel around the city, to show our sights, to help to carry out good rest.

I am 18 years old, study in Donetsk national university, I know Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese, and very little English.

If it is interesting to you, contact me - a mail (, skype - (v.merut).

Have a good time.
Sayuri87 responded to The help for tourists in Ukraine on 6 Jun 2012
Thank you Vladislav! I will unfortunately not be able to go to Euro 2012, but really appreciate the gesture :)
travelller responded to The help for tourists in Ukraine on 7 Jun 2012
It is good to know that Ukrainians are so hospitable and nice, it is  a huge plus for the country, not only during Euro2012 but all the time.
party-girl responded to The help for tourists in Ukraine on 20 Jun 2012
This is like couch service, just with extra tourin the city, it's really cool!

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