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European Cruises Anyone?

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posted by Tudi on 22 May 2009
European Cruises Anyone?
I've been dying to go on a cruise for the past years, ever since my cousin got a job on a trans-atlantic cruiser and he keeps telling me these great stories. Thing is, I've looked at the prices and I'd rather try out a closer-to-home cruise. Anyone that has any experience with European cruises? Any good destinations and companies that you've dealt with and were left satisfied that you got your money's worth?
anonymous responded to European Cruises Anyone? on 22 May 2009
Generally I've found the prices too expensive, except if going when not high season, but then on the other hand bad weather can occur.... and I'm seasick very easily so...

The only ones you can get really cheap, seem to be the short ones between Sweden - Finland or Estonia.
iluveurope responded to European Cruises Anyone? on 28 May 2009
I love cruising, 8 and counting. I went on my first Med cruise in 2006 and again in 2008. I have another one planned for May 12, 2010 to the Baltics.
Tudi responded to European Cruises Anyone? on 28 May 2009
Mmm, a Mediteraneea cruise sounds really tempting. What were the locations you cruised between iluveurope?

Closest I came to a mediteraneea cruise was this spring, when I took a short trip to Venice and got there by boat :P You could hardly call that a boat ride, it was more like a taxi trip back and forth, but still, it whet my appetite for sea travel and sparked the salty sea dog spirit in me for some future waterbound adventures. Arrr.
iluveurope responded to European Cruises Anyone? on 29 May 2009
The cruise in 2006 we went to Rome, Naples, Dubrovnik, Venice, Sicily, Barcelona, Cannes and Florence.

The one in 2008 we went to Rome, Naples, Marmaris, Izmir, Istanbul, Athens, Katakolon and Florence.

Our cruise next year goes to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Gdansk and Oslo.
anonymous responded to European Cruises Anyone? on 29 May 2009
Is it mostly time to enjoy at the cruise ship or is it really time enough in each port?

I've always get the feeling that I would want to see more of the places, so therefor I haven't booked any other cruises - yet.
iluveurope responded to European Cruises Anyone? on 29 May 2009
You normally spend 1 day in each port and might be able to see 1 or 2 sights, unless the ship is in port for 2 days as it is in Venice, Rome and St. Petersburg. I like waking up in a new port each day, but there is not enough time to savor each location. I use a cruise as a sounding board to see if I like the cities I am visiting and then go back on a land vacation.
Tudi responded to European Cruises Anyone? on 2 Jun 2009
"Our cruise next year goes to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Gdansk and Oslo."

Wow, that's a powerful trip. I've only been to Oslo of the places you're going to visit and it's an incredibly city, although I fount it atypical for a capital.

My parents also visited St. Petersburg recently and they said it was one of the most memorable towns they've seen in their lives.

Usually when I think of a cruise, I think sun, calm sea, exotic destinations, but now that you've mentioned your future trip, a fjord-cruise doesn't sound too bad either :)
Lucila110 responded to European Cruises Anyone? on 4 Aug 2009
Mediterranean trip could be nice, but i also find more fascinating the Scandinavian part of Europe.
If you stop also in Copenhagen,I can give you some tips what you shouldn't miss there and you can manage it in short time: Cristiana Town,Little Mermaid, Tivoli Garden

for more look here:

Enjoy your trip
iluveurope responded to European Cruises Anyone? on 4 Aug 2009
Lucila110, thank you very much, that is very helpful.

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