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Traveling to Croatia

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posted by szbogi on 9 Apr 2009
Traveling to Croatia

I'm going to Selce, Croatia this summer with my boyfriend and I have some questions. Is the water drinkable there? How are the prices, for example how much is a pizza?
MadSuh responded to Traveling to Croatia on 9 Apr 2009
Hi Bogi,

Croatia is beautiful and really worth a visit. I have only been to Split and Trogir as well as some islands and national parks there. However, the infrastructure is good, so water is definitely drinkable. Prices are not as cheap as you would expect. While you can find some cheap restaurants and motels or guest houses, shopping at the super market is a bit pricy. Especially basic food like milk, butter, oil etc is quite expensive.

BTW while in Croatia, don't waste your money on Pizza, go for local fish and Cevapcici (hope I spelled that right).

Good luck!

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