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posted by zangazanga on 14 May 2009
Could anyone tell me something about Copenhagen and the area? I woul be grateful for a few tips!
megadeth143 responded to Copenhagen on 16 May 2009
We visited Copenhagen for a short visit in 2003. It was really nice. Very clean and healthy was our impression. People were walking and biking all over the place. They were very polite people and we really enjoyed ourselves.

We stayed at the Savoy Hotel which was very nice. It is a smaller, boutique type of hotel. We had our own bathroom/shower, which was very nice. Breakfast was excellent. The accommodations were good and comfortable, I am 6'2" (188cm tall).

You can walk to a lot of places and see a lot in a day. Places that we visited were the Rundetaarn, (a nice landmark), the Museum Erotica, (not for the easily offended- but was a nice little diversion), and Tivoli Gardens. One of the best meals we had was at a bakery that we wandered into, and has some fresh baked bread and a couple of Coke Lites!! MMMMM.. delicious. We also walked down the Stroget- a pedestrian only shopping/dining street.

Overall we really enjoyed ourselves, we would like to go back, especially to take some excursions to out of city attractions- Jutland peninsula for example. We recommend the hotel we stayed at, and there are plenty of things to do and see on foot. I placed a gallery of some photos I took in Copenhagen, check them out if you like.
Sayuri87 responded to Copenhagen on 24 May 2009
From what I have heard, Copenhagen is a great city and people are very friendly there. I know it is very clean and there are bikes everywhere. The only thing I don't know is whether the city is very expensive or not?

I checked your Copenhagen gallery Megadeth, it is beautiful. :)
zangazanga responded to Copenhagen on 25 May 2009
Thank you very much for the adequate answer, I'm sure I'm going to enjoy the city. Museum Erotica sounds good, where is it located exactly? :D I saw your Copenhagen gallery and I liked it very much, thanks for that as well. I hope you can also get back there sometime. :) Have a good day!
Lucila110 responded to Copenhagen on 4 Aug 2009
I don't know whether you already visited Copenhagen, but it is exciting city.To be honest it is one of the most expensive cities in Europe, but offers a lot, Tivoli Garden, Christiana Town, Little Mermaid......also Legoland is not far away.
In case you are there at the moment, don't miss:

Enjoy your stay
anonymous responded to Copenhagen on 27 Aug 2012
The only thing I don't know is whether the city is very expensive or not?

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