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posted by jadeleo on 24 Jun 2007
China Guilin tour
Do you want to pay a visit to China before 2008 Olympic Game, Do you hear about Guilin Yangshuo where has the reputation of having the most beautiful landscape under heaven. It is a dream place for many tourists who want to see the real natural landscape and touch the countryside life.

Hilltops pop up from nowhere like trees in the forest and they are shaped like buns, camels, fishes, saw-teeth, horses, etc. It is a city you must visit or you will miss those beautiful landscape there. Rivers flow around like green silk ribbons while the hills reveal themselves as jade hair-pins. Guilin embraces great landscapes like green hills, clear waters, pretty rocks and fantastic caves.

I am from Guilin, a licensed tour guide for Guilin area. A grauate from Guangxi Teacher's University and have had more than 2 years of travel service experience in Guilin.

A tour guide with a warm heart and sincerity, I am offering tourists visiting Guilin with uptodate information and a tour guide service. You can bank on my knowledge of Guilin and my earned reputation as a reliable tour guide in the region.

Activities available:
1. Airport pick-up service
2. Photoshoot Guide
3. Yangshuo Country Tour and Ancient town tour
4. Business tour guidelines
5. Flight ticket & Hotel room reservation
6. Accompanying services to other cities of China
7. Buying houses in Guilin and Yangshuo
8. Faming Activities and Stay in farmers' houses
9. Hot Air Balloon
10. Li river cruise tour. Cormorant fish, fantastic caves
11. Longsheng dragon's backbone rice terraces
12. Marvelous ethnic shows, local souvenirs market and market day of town
13. Climbing the highest mountain to see the panoramic view
14. Bamboo boat rafting, white water drifting as well as taking mud bath in water cave
15. Hiking, Riding bicycle to old villages to see real farmers life and talk with them
16. Learning to cook Chinese food, Learning Chinese Qigong and Taiji
Any special requests will be considered

If you want to tour China but fail to pay a visit to Guilin, it is equal to having not toured China! If want to get the best experience out of Guilin please contact us and we will make sure you have a once in a life time experience.

Address: No. 16, Lijiang Road, Guilin, China.
Tel: 86-773-5617058 Mobile number: 86-13086737586

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