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Dracula's Castle

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posted by cazarebusteni on 18 Apr 2012
Dracula's Castle
Luxor apartment, 45km away from Dracula castle.
Cheap accommodation Brasov, Busteni, Prahova Valley, Romania
Located on the ground floor of a blockhouse in Busteni, the Luxor apartment is 1 km away from Cantacuzino Castle and 5 km from Sinaia's Peles Castle.
The kitchen is equipped with a cupboard, a microwave, a toaster and all other necessary kitchen utensils. There are 2 bedrooms, both with a king-size bed and a wardrobe in one of them. In the centre of the Luxor is a living room with a couch and an armchair.
The apartment is situated in a very spectacular place near the Hotel Silva and the 2 cable cars of Babele and Pestera.
Guests can make use of the facilities of the Hotel Silva. There is a bar, a first-class restaurant, a coffee bar with a patio as well as a disco and electronic game room.
Just behind the Hotel Silva there is a large indoor sports facility where you can play soccer, badminton, volleyball and handball.
Bran Castle (also known as Dracula's Castle) is 45 km away.
The apartment is rented at full capacity.
Wazling responded to Dracula's Castle on 18 Apr 2012
I've been there, the castle is very cool and well preserved. It is not a theme park or anything, not even scary, but a very nicely preserved and resotred middle ages castle with beautiful park. Loved it!
andra88 responded to Dracula's Castle on 20 Apr 2012
I have heared there's nothing special about Dracula's Castle, though I have not been there myself yet...
Wazling responded to Dracula's Castle on 23 Apr 2012
Ooh, there is so many beautiful places in Romania, I really like that country, so many old things and beautiful landscapes...
nadya1 responded to Dracula's Castle on 25 Apr 2012
It is totally different from its name Dracula. there is not even scary. it gives you relax with beautiful park.

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