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posted by erato on 9 May 2009
Berlin sights
What is Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin?
stef responded to Berlin sights on 9 May 2009
Btw, when you visit Berlin, don't miss the museum called Checkpoint Charly, which shows you a lot of ways and ideas, how the east germans tried to cross the border to west Germany.
Also check the bar, called "Klo" (restroom), which is the most macabre bar i ever was in, with toilets as chairs and casket as tables and other strange stuff.
erato responded to Berlin sights on 11 May 2009
When I was in Berlin, I've seen the place of the house which was built in the Berlin Wall because Americans and Russians could not agree about the borders. Now there is only a huge placard there with black white pictures about the wall. From that house's 2nd and 3rd floor did the East-Berliners jump out to get to West Berlin.
Another great monument is on the bank of the river Spree, near the Bundestag; there are six big crosses as a memento for six men who were shot in the river while trying to escape to West by swimming.
When I go to Berlin next, I would like to visit the Checkpoint Charlie Museum as well. Could you tell me please where is it and how can one get there?
zlori responded to Berlin sights on 11 May 2009
The crosses on the coast are really a very sad scene; actually not all of the six people got shot, some of them just suffocated but it does not change the point.
About the Museum, don't make the mistake I did and do not try to visit it on Monday. (I don't know how is it in the US or other continents, but in Europe Museums are all closed on Mondays).
stef responded to Berlin sights on 11 May 2009
The details about Checpoint Charly:

The Bar, I mentioned:
Unfortunately is in german language. There are a few webcams,could be they work during the opening.


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