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posted by gino on 15 May 2009
i need a place for wedding both church and reception, where can you suggest?
erato responded to wedding on 15 May 2009
Basco is sort of a capital of Batanes, it's a very nice place. Batanes Seaside Lodge is quite a good place for accommodation and there is a beautiful church (Tukon Chapel) where you could have the ceremony. Its architecture is similar to the Ivatan (Batanes people) stone houses. It has hand-painted pictures of saints, made by Ivatan artists.
ultimatetravel responded to wedding on 15 May 2009
Hi, there I am from the Philippines. I am not familiar of Basco, Batanes. Never been there. But what I can suggest is that there are a lot of beautiful places here in Cebu whether be a garden or beach reception it's all up to you and for sure you will love it:)We got beautiful beaches here from North to South.
erato responded to wedding on 22 May 2009
Hey Gino,

Here's what I got from another Philippino traveller:
"Regarding your question, I have never been to Batanes but I have heard that it is such a wonderful place. In fact, its seascapes and landscapes are part of UNESCO's tentative list.
You may want to check on the following link
and see what is in store for you in Batanes."

I hope this helps, regards! ;-)

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