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posted by zdanko on 24 Apr 2009
Budapest - Barcelona
Can anybody give me a tip which would be the best choice: Lufthansa or WizzAir? Or any other idea?
Wazling responded to Budapest - Barcelona on 24 Apr 2009
Depends on what exactly you want. Lufthansa is a good company, but not the cheapest.
Never used Wizzair, but they cant be more expensive than Lufthansa. If i had to decide myself, i would take Wizzair for booking.
stef responded to Budapest - Barcelona on 24 Apr 2009
Check the MAV.
It s the cheapest...
erato responded to Budapest - Barcelona on 24 Apr 2009
WizzAir is definitely the cheaper being a low cost carrier. Also try Iberia and Clickair. I have doubts about the train being the cheapest but it's not the fastest for sure. ;-)

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