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I Searching for the cheapest air fare to ANC, ALASKA

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posted by BIG_MAMA01 on 21 Aug 2008
I Searching for the cheapest air fare to ANC, ALASKA
I'm on a very tight budget, and i'm trying to save some money. Please help me?
zlorii responded to I Searching for the cheapest air fare to ANC, ALASKA on 25 Aug 2008
what is your departing location? You can search on this site for cheap airfares. Another useful tip is to visit each low-cost companys website. Usually every large ticket provider put on an additional fee or comission, and not all of low-cost airline companies can be found on their pages. If your budget is tight here are a few tips how to save on airfares:
- Try to fly from October to April.
- Fly on weekdays. You have a significantly bigger chance to find a bargain flight with departing on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
- Check prices for nearby airports too.
- Check round-trip fares, even if you are flying one-way.
Here's a list of low-cost airlines in the United States:
* AirTran Airways
* Allegiant Air
* ExpressJet
* Frontier Airlines
* JetBlue Airways
* go!
* Southwest Airlines
* Spirit Airlines
* Sun Country Airlines
* USA3000 Airlines
* Virgin America
* Alaska Airlines
* Horizon Air
* Island Air
Elza responded to I Searching for the cheapest air fare to ANC, ALASKA on 8 Jun 2011
This is the page Travelgrove uses for Cheap Flights to Anchorage:

It gives you the recently found best airfare rates for major cities to Anchorage


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what age is the senior rate I would like to Fly from Albany, NY to Guangzhou to Manila

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