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posted by dpatel on 10 Jan 2010
Air fare
for ahmedabad from salt lake city utah what is the time when can i get the cheapest air fair?
the time period of departure is about 7th to 10th may and return date is around 18th to 21th june
erato responded to Air fare on 11 Jan 2010
First of all, you should book your flight as soon as possible to get the best offer.
You should try for flight searching, you give the details of your flight, then you have to choose some of their provider companies via checkboxes and then hit 'search selected'. I would recommend you Travelgrove or Orbitz but try the others as well.

The best I have found for your route was $1420. But they have a lot of providers, so with a little research you will surely find some more really good offers.
Good luck!

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