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Any recommended cafes in Adelaide?

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posted by hungrytrail on 20 Feb 2013
Any recommended cafes in Adelaide?
I'm planning my first holiday to Australia (specifically Adelaide) this season and I'm looking for places to chill out and have some coffee (I'm generally quite lazy). Are there any great cafes or coffee spots I should know about?
Ivan responded to Any recommended cafes in Adelaide? on 20 Feb 2013
Since the population is over 1 million, I'm sure there are pretty much coffee shots... :P
cipristb responded to Any recommended cafes in Adelaide? on 21 Feb 2013
Indeed, a simple google search can take you pretty far. There are a lot of directories (both wordwide and locals) of restaurants, coffee-shops, internet coffee shops, etc.
lindamura responded to Any recommended cafes in Adelaide? on 25 Feb 2013

Here's the top 5, one from each part of the city:
Sabai Cafe
Region: Glenelg
Serving: Coffee, Thai, Vegetarian
Address: 105 Partridge St
Taylor Blend Espresso
Region: Eastern Suburbs
Serving: Coffee, Sandwiches/Subs, Desserts/Ice Cream
Address: 1/34 Hallett Rd
Grind It
Region: Glenelg
Serving: Breakfast/Brunch, Coffee
Address: 4 Moseley St
Region: Unley Road
Serving: Breakfast/Brunch, Coffee, Tapas
Address: 139 Unley Rd Parkside
UR Caffe
Region: Melbourne Street
Serving: Breakfast/Brunch, Coffee
Address: 119 Melbourne street

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