Thomassie picture
thomassie wrote on Jun 3, 2009:uuuuups. who knows... :)

Thomassie picture
thomassie wrote on Jun 3, 2009:oh, thanks a lot! =)

i was just thinking about why i should tell my height, my weight, the color of my eyes... i mean, you have a profile picture. BUT: maybe some of the jack wolfskin or the northface people are having a look on some pictures and tell you that your green backpack is either to big for you or doesn't fit to your blue eyes. ;) how knows...


Blackangel_66 picture
blackangel_66 wrote on Jun 3, 2009:Hi there! I think the information you have provided would not be enough on a dating site, so this must be about traveling. ;)
By the way, happy birthday, even if it was 4 days ago. :)
Have a nice day!

Thomassie picture
thomassie wrote on Jun 3, 2009:Yep, auf'm Heuberg... =)

Wazling picture
Wazling wrote on Jun 3, 2009:Gutes Profilbild! Dachte zuerst, dass wäre auf irgendeinem Berg! :)

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