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1. Family trip to Padis  added on Aug 31, 2008  

*Padis is the region located 20 km east wards from the former miner city of Pietroasa. It is a great spot for all kinds of visitors. There are nice places for a barbeque in the nature or walkrtips...

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2. City tour in San Francisco  added on Jul 22, 2008  

*After a long walk from downtown of SF to the North Beach on Fisherman's Wharf, we decided to take a city tour. From the plenty of opportunities we choose the most friendly one: the Mr. Toad's Tour,...

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3. Camping at Suncuius, Romania  added on Jul 16, 2008  

Sonkolyos is a recreation area on the banks of the river Crisul Repede. Offering rocks for climbing, a large place for tents, bathing possibilitiy in the river; the place is very popular among the...

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4. Visit at the Zoo of Debrecen  added on May 11, 2008  

*Native domesticated animals, mammals and birds of far regions can all be studied here. Among the native and exotic species the collection of mammals and birds is amazing. The jungle cat (Felis...

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5. Skiing and snowboard in Forstau  added on Apr 2, 2008  

Forstau is a small skiing resort located 6 km from Radstadt, Austria. The Slopes are on the Tauern mountains, the highest in Austria. The best way to get there from Salzburg is using the Autobahn...

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6. About the myth of Knossos  added on Feb 1, 2008  

*The antique metropol Knossos, located 3 miles from the capital Hersonissos, was an ambigous experience for us. We enjoyed the famous king Minos' castle's ruins. On the other part we had a messy...

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7. About Frankfurt International Airport  added on Feb 1, 2008  

*We headed from the Frankfurt Airport to Crete. Departure was quite early in the morning, at 5:45 am, so we had to start from home at 1:00 am. We stayed in Ravensburg, which is 300 kmaway from...

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8. Rent a parking place in Frankfurt  added on Jul 11, 2007  

We visited Creta in June 2007. We departed from Frankfurt, Germany erly in the morning (5:30 am). Both of our kids four years old Adam, and two years old David accompanied us. In order to catch the...

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9. Things to do in Agios Nikolaos  added on Jun 28, 2007  

*Agios Nikolaos is one of the major cities of Crete. It is located 80 km-s west from the airport Heraklion. It isn't so touristy like Hersonissos. There are some nice buildings, a lake in the middle...

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