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1. Top things to do in London  added on Jun 30, 2009  

*Top things to do in London London is a city where you can not bother, so try to visit as many things as you can and have fun. 1. Buckingham Palace: Today is the official Residence of the queen...

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2. Top things to do in Monaco  added on Jun 30, 2009  

* Top things to do in Monaco Monaco is one of the smallest countries in the world. A magic world of beauty's situated between mountains and sea, with beautiful gardens, cultural and sports events,...

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3. Top things to do in Paris  added on Jun 30, 2009  

*Paris, the capital and largest city of France, is an important cultural center of fashion, entertainment and gastronomy.The most recommended periods to visit Paris are spring and autumn. Why?...

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4. The best things to do in Budapest  added on May 30, 2009  

*Budapest, called the "The bride of Danube" or "The pearl of Danube", is one of the cities with the most beautiful location in the world. Nowadays, the capital of Hungary shows a...

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