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danpop wrote on Jun 23, 2009:Well, John Locke is my favorite character in my favorite show, so :). Lost fan, indeed, Seinfeld fan, indeed, traveling fan ... for sure :P

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angel wrote on Jun 22, 2009:What about John Locke? How did you get to this subject :P ? Anyhow, I see you, danpop, you are a true Lost-fan!

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supergirl13 wrote on Jun 20, 2009:When I'll get around to it, I'll put some photos on ;)

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danpop wrote on May 9, 2009:I don't want to give spoilers here, maybe Lost fans are checking my guestbook :P P.S. Ben killed him

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erato wrote on May 9, 2009:Hi, I'm glad you didn't find offensive my jokes and the reference to John Locke (the philosopher):D By the way, how did Lock die in the series? I do not follow the events of 'Lost' for a while. Have a nice day:)

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erato wrote on Apr 29, 2009::D:D:D:D LOL Okie that explains a lot. :P Almoust everything. Sorry for thinking that you're referring to the philosopher. :D Btw. I enjoyed your jokes in Lori's Guidebook, so here's some citations for you too:
"C makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot. C++ makes it harder, but when you do, it blows away your whole leg."
// Bjarne Stroustrup //
"Programming graphics in X is like finding sqrt(pi) using Roman numerals."
// Henry Spencer //

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danpop wrote on Apr 28, 2009:Well, although there is not such thing as a coincidence (and in this case the name is really not randomly chose), we are referring to different persons. “My” John Locke is my favorite character in Lost. ( ) … no spoilers allowed :)

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erato wrote on Apr 27, 2009:Ok, let me now, HOW John Locke died? :) Wiki says only he died in 28 October 1704. Cheers

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