Zsoldicsa picture
zsoldicsa wrote on Nov 10, 2009:Hello and welcome Diego. I see you have been to Phuket, was that before or after the great Tsunami? Hope not in the time of it. How is the island?
By the way, post a picture! ;)

Blackangel_66 picture
blackangel_66 wrote on Nov 10, 2009:Hello there, welcome to the community. I like what you wrote about your hometown, but it would be nice to see a picture about you as well. ;) Why don't you post one, are you hiding? :P

Erato picture
erato wrote on Nov 10, 2009:Hi Diego, welcome to Travelgrove! Kuala Lumpur must be a very nice city. Do you like to live there? Are there very many people living there? Is it crowded?

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