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61. Cemitas Puebla
  by Shawnosaurus (added on 2010-11-15)
If you're in Chicago, have any ability to move around, and love Mexican food, then you should try Cemitas Puebla. It's not a fancy place by any means, but they serve fantastically tasty food. Definitely try the namesake Cemitas! They come in a... [read this review]
62. Calapan city
  by anonymous (added on 2010-11-10)
Calapan City is a part of Luzon not in Mindanao.... [read this review]
63. Mati Attractions
  by anonymous (added on 2010-11-03)
Why is dahican not included in your list of sights and tourist spots in mati? you should include it. people from around the country and even in some parts of the world gather here from time to time to witness skimboarding competitions,fribee,etc. most... [read this review]
64. Trip to Kathmandu
  by nepalibb (added on 2010-10-19)
Namaste & Greeting from Nepal
Nepal Adventure Point organizing the Christmas & New Year festival's
familiarization trip in Nepal every year. This special package tour
offering the whole discovery of Nepal totally you will spend... [read this review]
65. Visit St.Petersburg
  by Ruslan (added on 2010-10-07)
Planning to travel to St. Petersburg Russia? St. Petersburg is one of the top ten travel destinations on our planet and the most beautiful city in entire Russia. St Petersburg has always been a city of ideas. Petersburgers incited the Russian Revolution,... [read this review]
66. Tips for Barcelona visitors
  by compvend (added on 2010-10-06)
I had really good time at Barcelona, it is an amazing city with such much things to do. Me and friends went to a hostel called Barcelona Sound (nou de la rambla 91 - The particularity is that we rent each other one... [read this review]
67. Great tour to Bangladesh
  by expeditionbd (added on 2010-09-18)
Bangladesh Expeditions located at Paris, Rome & London is a leading tour operator in Bangladesh based at Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel. We have been providing our extensive services to the valued clients and promoting Bangladesh as a fascinating tourist... [read this review]
68. Ipuddo Restaurant in Osaka
  by dclarington (added on 2010-08-17)
One of the best tasting Ramen ever! Apparently they have locations in Tokyo and throughout Japan. So if you're in Japan go check it out! It's not like Instant noodles ok, I was a skeptic once saying how good can Ramen be seriously. Well I can't explain... [read this review]
69. What to drink in Taipei
  by dclarington (added on 2010-08-17)
In Taipei, you'll find Almond Milk everywhere as well as Soy Milk. For Vegans and those who are lactose intolerant, you'll love Taipei! Ofcourse you can order your Almond Milk with Boba too! You can also get it with this black jelly looking thing, it... [read this review]
70. Vacation in Nepal
  by kodamatour (added on 2010-08-06)

In fact, Nepal is known to contain the world’s best rivers for white-water experiences. After mountain expedition river rafting is the most exciting and adventurous sport in Nepal. It is a journey on the torrential... [read this review]


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