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31. Great food right near Biserica cu Luna
  by anonymous (added on 2011-11-03)
Restaurant ROSECAS it's an elegant and cosy place right in the center of Oradea, near Biserica cu Luna (17 Traian Mosoiu Street). The food is absolutely fantastic, serving international plates but mainly focused on romanian and hungarian cuisine.... [read this review]
32. Best nightclub in Katowice
  by anonymous (added on 2011-10-24)
If you want to enjoy your nightlife in Katowice, try Club Lemoniada in 4 Mariacka Street (Katowice City Centre, just a few steps from the railway station and the market). A posh club with good music- (floor 1- various styles and floor 2- electro) and... [read this review]
33. Lemoniada Club- great night in Katowice
  by anonymous (added on 2011-10-24)
Posh club with good music and reasonable prices. Music on two floors- variety of pop and other hits and electro. Dresscode smart-casual. Very good coctails (unlike in many other places in Katowice). My friends reserved a lounge in a seperate room, so... [read this review]
34. Liberia
  by anonymous (added on 2011-10-18)
IT STINKY iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiii iiiii iii iiii i iiiii iiiiii iiii ii i ii i i iiii i i ii i ii i i i t tttt t t ttt t t t t t tttt ttt t t t ttt t ttttt t t t t t t t t t t t tt... [read this review]
35. I lived there for years
  by anonymous (added on 2011-09-15)
Voitsberg is NOT located on the Teigitsch but on the Kainach river, first of all, and since it is the Bezirk (county) Hauptstadt (county seat) there is much more to see than the old ruins overlooking it. Many castles surround this county seat and many... [read this review]
36. Queen City of the South
  by anonymous (added on 2011-08-02)
Just got discount vouchers from for Days Hotel at Cebu and i cannot wait to stay there! I’m planning to have some me-time and I’m already thinking of what Trendy Welcome and Trendy Dreams I will pick from the choices. I was really... [read this review]
37. Guido┬┤s Nightlife Tip
  by anonymous (added on 2011-07-30)
I found a verry nice Bar, Moonshine Bar , close to the Ramada Hotel (changxinghuameida hotel),
it is in the" Hu tang wu yi nan lu" in" Changzhou - wu jing". This Bar is new have a nice Pooltable and some nice Girls there, the... [read this review]
38. Paper Dome - a sweet getaway from the city bustle
  by hosiminn (added on 2011-07-20)
Paper Dome is situated in Taomi Village, Puli Township, on the route to Sun Moon Lake. My first impression was that it is a scenic area, whether novice or expert, a photographer's paradise. One could easily bring back beautiful photos after spending... [read this review]
39. Please don't go there
  by anonymous (added on 2011-07-19)
Incredible cruelty and wanton evil in the so-called animal shelter there - photos seen too horrible to describe - this country is famous for its' so-called ' animal shelters ' - please boycott tourism of Romania until its' authorities... [read this review]
  by vietnamstay (added on 2011-07-11)
VIETNAM TOUR PACKAGES, CAMBODIA, LAOS & THAILAND TOURS ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? Availing yourself of various tours and extraordinary experience excursions, you may want to include during your holidays in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Multi-Country... [read this review]

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