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11. Udine, Italy
  by adam (added on 2015-02-05)
Udine is a perfect example of an Italian city. It is very boisterous destination, with typical Italian architecture everywhere you go. It is close to the Slovenian border. Welcoming, pleasant and exciting, it is an ideal place to hang out with friends... [read this review]
12. London,United Kingdom
  by adam (added on 2015-02-04)
London is the most multicultural city in Europe. The british Capital itself is outstanding. It is very big, cosmopolitan with rich history with a sizable economy. The english metropolis is known for it's too diverse architectural style, partly because... [read this review]
13. Luxembourg
  by adam (added on 2015-02-04)
Luxembourg is the wealthiest country in Europe, and the second richest in the world after Qatar. Diminutive but powerful, it has an impressive history. The capital of the nation, is small yet highly developed, liberal with stunning structures and also... [read this review]
14. Canterbury,United Kingdom
  by adam (added on 2015-02-04)
Canterbury is one of United Kingdoms most well-preserved towns. It is not that big but has a sizable and important background. Situated about 1 hour drive from London, the town itself is quite stunning. It is famous for it's spectacular houses, beautiful... [read this review]
15. York, United Kingdom
  by adam (added on 2015-02-04)
York, which is a halfway point between London and Edinburgh, is one of Englands most famous historical town. It is a beautiful place with appealing architecture and rich heritage which makes the destination an ideal tourist attraction. The York Minster... [read this review]
16. Edinburgh
  by adam (added on 2015-02-04)
Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland is charming with an outstanding history and diverse yet delightful architecture. it is very famous for owning Scottish Pubs with a warm welcoming locals. the city is also well known for it's Castle, Alcoholic Beverages(particularly... [read this review]
17. The Biking Amsterdam
  by adam (added on 2015-02-04)
Biking in Amsterdam is not only a great experience, but it's also practical. There are many advantages relating about biking in Amsterdam First of all, you can acces all areas of the city, where cars are forbidden. This makes the city much more enjoyable,... [read this review]
18. San Francisco - Arriving in San Francisco
  by adam (added on 2015-02-03)
San Francisco generally is considered one of the most charming cities in the US, and I totally agree with that. It's a very popular tourist destination, with same reasons. I've found the city appealing, since it's quite liberal, prosperous,... [read this review]
19. Napa Valley
  by adam (added on 2015-02-03)
My very next destination after San Francisco was Napa Valley, which is an hour drive from the Bay Area. My impression about the place was that it is a considerable destination, and I was fortunate enough that I had the opportunity to visit it. However,... [read this review]
20. Santa Barbara
  by adam (added on 2015-02-03)
Santa Barbara, which is a halfway point between San Francisco and Los Angeles is easily the most gorgeous and I've ever been to by far. Nicknamed the "American Riviera" because of it's extremely beautiful scenery, wonderful beaches,... [read this review]

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