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1. My Favorite Beaches
  by kencruise (added on 2014-10-22)
Traveled to the Outer Banks North Carolina last week. Stayed in a small beach town called Salvo where I rented a 5 bedroom home on the ocean. We were fortunate enough to have wonderful weather the entire week despite Hurricane Gonzalo pounding Bermuda... [read this review]
2. ARIZONA RUTA 66 Rock Bar
  by anonymous (added on 2014-09-05)
This is the most authentic Rock bar in Cartagena. In the last 2 weeks of my stay here, I had the chance to go there twice, Once was cuz of the towns parties (La Aparecida) I advice checking it's main attraction "La Romeria" At the same time... [read this review]
3. Visiting romantic backwaters of Kerala
  by BespokeD (added on 2014-07-10)
Kerala enjoys unique geographical features that have made it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. It offers serene beaches, emerald backwaters, sprawling plantations and paddy fields, lush green beautiful hill stations, waterfalls,... [read this review]
4. Angelina Holie
  by anonymous (added on 2014-07-05)
I went to Nuuk trying to find a boyfriend. (Good luck with that -). The local guys all have VD or AIDS. Plus the only liquor available is fermented fish heads with prawn flavoring. The alchohol, which is directly added, comes from some industrial import... [read this review]
5. Visiting Namur
  by anonymous (added on 2014-06-28)
We were wanting to visit Namur for a long time and to be fairly honest it didn’t really meet our expectations… The largest part of the city is merely a big shopping centre that has no authenticity at all. Furthermore it is not really well-kept... [read this review]
6. Wonderful city, wonderful nightlife!
  by anonymous (added on 2014-03-23)
Hello guys, I've been one week in Valencia and I fell in love with this city! "La Movida", the "movement"... that is how Valencianos call what is going on between Friday evening and somewhen Sunday morning. There are no breaks... [read this review]
7. Porche Service
  by 66manoj44 (added on 2014-01-07)
Porsche is one of the best branded cars that everyone loves to own. But when you own it, taking it for service is as necessary as you buy it with carefulness. Don’t get your Porsche car service in any ordinary Car Service Station. Bring it to The... [read this review]
8. Want to experience San Jose Limo Services?
  by britt_enis (added on 2013-10-23)
When you’re going to San Jose you should try hiring Elite Limousine as you transportation service. I've used San Jose Limo Service, on several occasions for rides to the San Jose Airport. The drivers are on time, and sometimes even a few minutes... [read this review]
9. Limo Service for Fremont
  by britt_enis (added on 2013-10-21)
I had a trip Fremont, California so I looked up a Limo-Fremont Service. I saw and thought to give them a try. To my pleasant surprise it turned out to be a very clean, fragrant and comfortable... [read this review]
10. Recently at Palo Alto, California
  by britt_enis (added on 2013-10-18)
I've been using many different car services to take me to the airport over the years, but elite limo-Palo Alto Alto_limousines_company.htm is the only one that has sustained my business. They are very reliable... [read this review]

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