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by cheaptravel32 

(from: Jul 17, 2010 to: Jul 17, 2010)

I never knew how simple and Cheap traveling could be until i started to look deep into it.I travel so many different places
and spend so much money that I didn’t Realize with a little more planning my trips and vacations could of been less then what i spend for.So heres the first thing you want to do when you thinking of taking a vacation,First Pick the location where you want to go,If Its summer you might want to go to a beach resort the best beach resorts like Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea hawaii or Weekapaug Inn in Rhode island and many others.If its weather you want to go to a warm place ofcourse.If you want to get the reviews of hotels its always good to go on that you have the place now you want to know how much you want to spend,Keep in mind the secret on getting good deals on flights and hotels is booking them in advance,Dont book them to closed like the next day,make it like a few weeks apart.Many companies will give you deals if you book in advance,Avoid trying to get the last minute deal because prices will go up.
Check the airline’s record of delays and cancellations,Avoid peak travel times.When booking a flight remember that a flight might cost less if you your departure is in another city nearby.So always check different airports around your city.
a flight that cost $450 round trip might cost $315 in other be very carefull of hidden fees.Also to save money make sure
you call the airline to find out if they charge you for your luggage Luggage.

I will contine to post blogs on deals and discounts and how to save money when it comes to traveling.
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