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(from: Sep 7, 2011 to: Sep 7, 2011)

Ethiopia is one of the nations in the Horn of Africa. This nation embraces 3000 years of history…including the African iconic relic (the cradle of mankind – Lucy). The nation is well-known by the historical, natural, cultural and wildlife tourism including other tourist attractions that are not mentioned here. This incredible country also owns the 8thwonder of world heritage site. This wonder has not been known for tourists who did not come to the land. Many of the people from the other corners of the globe have developed misconceptions about the people of this nation. Instead of their glorious and wonderful tourist attractions, unfortunately, the people have come to be known by poverty and famine. And we are sure that you do not want to be misled; you want to know the truth. To clarify what has been blurred and help you have genuine outlook towards this nation so that you can come and enjoy the beauty we have, let us have a little overview of the major tourist attraction places.

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