Zanskar Mountain Scenery with River Rafting

by Richa 

(from: Sep 9, 2012 to: Sep 9, 2012)

Zanskar River is one of those treacherous of the rivers where rafting can pose great challenges. This river is a tributary of River Indus that flows in the northern most part of India. If winning is your way to treat challenges then a wonderful and thrilling adventure tour is waiting for you in the valley of Zanskar.

River rafting trips in India has been of milder interest to domestic tourists when compared to the tourists coming from abroad to get this experience. However, the trend is reversing itself in popularity, even more for domestic crowd. The steady stream of foreign tourists is thickening with every year. They are found more in the more challenging of the rafting tasks like the rafting experience in the Zanskar River.

A standard Zanskar River rafting trip can be of 10 to 12 days depending upon the services you choose to take. The Journey will most probably start from Leh where you will reach from Delhi. The trip will cover places like Leh, Kargil, Rangdum, Ramela, Karsha, Nyarak, Lama Guru and Nimmu and your rafting trip will begin most probably from Ramela.

As this rafting trip is also about the culture, your initial few days will be invested in sightseeing and meanwhile getting acclimatized to the new weather. Your span of eyes will voraciously take in the views of gorges, mountains, expanse of space adjoining the river, peaks covered with snow, shimmering beaches, villages on the bank of the river and many such natural dazzles.

The trip also allows you some of the rare images of secluded cultures of people of Zanskar and Ladakh in this area. Although you will be staying in hotels when you are not on your raft, you can hardly forget whatever you have seen. For rest of the time you will be imagining what awaits you on the next day of your trip, if there is any strength left in your body.

The best time to take the journey to this place with an opportunity to raft is in the end of July till mid of the September. Located in somewhat dangerous altitude, information, right gear and right guide are your only companions on this expedition. Camping, trekking and hiking are integral part of any rafting trip with so variable of a landscape. Moreover, you get plenty of occasions to use your camera for recording memories.

On this tour, you cannot stop yourself comparing the difference of the comforts of the hotel rooms you had stayed just before the Zanskar River rafting started and the camp with the sky just a flap away. All the while, nature will stay closest to you, perhaps in many years. This adventure tour can give you a life changing attitude.

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