Work and Holiday Travel

by MadSuh 

(from: Jul 29, 2006 to: Sep 18, 2006)

This is telling the story of my trips related to work and some vacation as well between Romania, Hungary, Austria, and Germany of course...

Aug 3, 2006 Having great time at Rutenfest (Ravensburg) ( style= 5)
Aug 3, 2006 My visits to Oradea (Oradea) ( style= 3)
Aug 23, 2006 One Night in Budapest (Budapest)
Aug 24, 2006 Five hours of Vienna (Vienna) ( style= 6)
Sep 7, 2006 Trip to my house at lake Balaton in Hungary (Csopak) ( style= 21)
Sep 25, 2006 Back home in Ravensburg (Ravensburg)

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