Ukrainian Cities Tour

by ttguide 

(from: Apr 6, 2012 to: Jul 6, 2012)

Saying Ukraine we do not only mean Kiev. We have a big number of amazing cities and we do admire and proud of each one. We look forward to invite you to one of them revealing for you each city soul, showing people, telling city story and naming historical events which have influenced them once and for ages. Do not hesitate to advice with your guide about the city you would like to visit, purchase train tickets and full speed ahead through forests and mountains to the warm hugs of our cities! Each city has its own taste and traditions, melody and flavor… People create legends about the beauty of many of them! Lvov will meet you with a cup of flavor coffee in a cozy caf?, Odessa will tell you the funniest stories under the bubble of sea and calls of seagulls, Poltava will sing melodic Ukrainian songs, The Carpathian Mountains will cover you with Christmas snow and fill your lungs with fresh mountain air… Each city is ready to share its hospitability, kindness and happiness with you. ©

Price 50 USD/per person

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