Royal Tigers with Tiger Tours in India

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(from: Oct 6, 2012 to: Oct 6, 2013)

As we all are aware that India is a haven of tourism, we have an exhaustive range of travel options to make a choice from. Even with all these choices, some of you are happier to know that any particular place you are going to visit has a wildlife sanctuary. If your interest is extended to the particular specie we know as Royal Bengal Tigers, then India Bengal tiger tours are meant for you. These are sought when you are interested in wildlife as much as the historical, natural and cultural wealth. You can make acquaintance with these great cats in the numerous National Parks and Wildlife sanctuaries. These are spread across the huge landscape of Indian subcontinent. Add those that are nearest to the tourist destination you have chosen to make an excursion.

Following are among the most popular places where you can meet this animal of sharp instincts, speed and agility:

• Hazaribagh National Park
• Ranthambore Tiger Reserve
• Bandhavgarh National Park/ Kanha National Park
• Khaziranga National Park
• Indravati Tiger Reserves
• Periyar Wildlife sanctuary
• Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary
• Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary
• Panna National Park
• Nagarjunasagar –Srisailam Tiger Reserve
• Sariska Tiger Reserve

Royal Bengal Tigers have fallen to poaching for their skin that is considered extremely beautiful and has a great price. They are also killed for some folk myths. This was the reason for developing natural sanctuaries to give them a protected environment to grow and multiply naturally, with the aid of doctors if needed. Royal Bengal Tiger Tour to the places mentioned above would give you a glimpse on the tough life this king of jungle has to go through even under protection.

India Bengal tiger tours would need you to take care of certain important points before you embark on safari:

• Be aware of the weather of the place according to the time of the day
• Go for clothing according to the month you choose to visit
• Be informed of the best time of the year to visit the place
• Note the safari timings of the national park of your choice
• Try to avoid perfume and deodorant

Also, your choice of Royal Bengal tiger tour can determine how many days you wish to invest in it. You can cover other places of tourist importance or also, other national parks may be. For example, your package might consist of visiting Bandhavgarh National Park that would allow you to visit Sunderbans, when started from Kolkata. They finally could reach by taking an overnight journey to Nagpur.

Just follow simple rules to avoid any kind of untoward incident and your tiger tours in India would be very rewarding ultimately.
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