Overview of Berlin

by gauravks 

(from: Apr 12, 2011 to: Apr 12, 2011)

Berlin is a world class city of culture, politics,media and packed with endless sights. Berlin is known for nightlife,cafes,clubs,bars,museums,and palaces.It is capital of german and famous for its top-class architecture,modernity and a fast pace of life.Berlin is rare gem of a Western European capital,full of culture and attractions.This city is now a thriving, welcoming tourists, modern and exciting destination.

The present climate in Berlin is one of optimism and excitement.The city hosts a variety of cultural events,including the world-famous Love Parade held in the Tiergarten each July.The Mitte district is the historical center of Berlin and its trendiest neighborhood with a variety of caf├ęs, restaurants, bars, clubs, shop, museums, and galleries.If you are looking for a travel in Berlin,Berlin will offer you exactly what you're looking for.It means,it restaurants, hotels and cafes are all much less expensive than they are in other Western European cities.

Most visitors come to Berlin to see its three main landmarks,the Berlin Wall,Checkpoint Charlie,and the Brandenburg Gate.Berlin can fill you with wonder.Contemplating the future in the crystalline Reichstag and high-rise Potsdamer Platz,revisiting the past at the Jewish Museum and Berlin Wall.Berlin has a colorful and sometimes painful history, but it has emerged as a modern city that attracts millions of visitors each year from all over the world.

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