Inspiring Mountain Biking Tours in Garhwal

by Richa 

(from: Jul 20, 2012 to: Jul 20, 2012)

Real adventure lies in the heart of danger. Mountain bikers are never tired in tasting thrill that rushes the pulses and fastens the heart beat. Himalayas mountain biking is luring extreme sports freaks and Garhwal has grown in popularity with this kind of travellers. Many travel operators are bringing in Mountain Biking Tours that are bringing even the laziest of travel in to action. Enjoying the beauty of mountains is very much rewarding when you are on bicycle. If a surroundings of paramount magnificence in beauty is what you seek along with adventure,mountain biking in Garhwal is just for you. Sweat could surely be compromised with the exquisite views of ice-covered peaks, fathom less valleys and gorges, dense growth of forests and sometime a strayed wildlife.

Requirements for Mountain Biking

1. Himalayas are a tough terrain meant for extremely physically fit human beings. If you want to do Himalayas Mountain Biking you must ensure measures to keep you in shape for this extreme sport. Without that there are chances of failure to the extent of physical breakdown. Workshops on mountain biking can certainly prepare your body and mind for this kind of fun.

2. This is an affair that can keep you away for around 11 to 12 days, so you must be prepared enough to take this stretch of vacations.

3. Be aware of the weather conditions and the best times of the year to go for mountain biking in Garhwal. The task in hand is requires loads of attention as far as preliminary arrangements and information is considered.

4. Companionship is something that would keep your journey interesting. Bring along your friends who are in consensus of the sport and are as much enthusiastic and physically fit as you to take the sport. Else, you could chose to befriend fellow travellers as to admire your surroundings after all the sweat you would need more than just acquaintance on the trip.

Biking generally starts from Rishikesh or Mussoorie. You can keep your camera nearby for clicking picturesque views of the mountains, valleys and ridges. Resting and food is done enroute. As you are going to be involved in physical activity for long eating less is beneficial. From There you are headed downward to New Tehri to Uttarkashi and onwards to Barhamkhal, finally to Dehradoon. Tours for Mountain biking in Garhwal may start from different places and cover more or less places in between. It is upon you mainly, what are the places you wish to cover on your bicycle and for how long can you remain in the seat. That largely makes your mountain biking tour package. Himalayas mountain biking is the best thing to catalyse you into reactions, physically and emotionally.
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