Holidays in Rome

by seanm 

(from: Oct 10, 2010 to: Oct 27, 2010)

Rome is one of the most heard about cities in the world. Known as the Eternal city this ancient and glorious destination is widely appealing to a lot of tourists. Rome being the largest city in Italy and also the Capital has become so popular with tourism with its links to past civilizations.

There are so many sights to see when you visit Rome, another famous and essential sight is Vatican City. Take a stroll through this magnificent work of ancient times taking in the Vatican museums of Greek and Roman exhibits from ancient roman civilizations. In the Vatican City you can bask in the magnificence of the restored Sistine Chapel where you can witness the outstanding work of Michelangelo - this piece of art on the ceiling of the chapel is something that must be seen for any tourist.

Italians are well known for their cooking, so during your stay on a Rome city break try out some of the traditional Italian cuisine; there is an abundance of restaurants, cafes and bars scattered around the city, so you will never be far from a drink or a delicious snack. If you are a coffee drinker then you will want to visit Rome's most famous coffee bar - Bar Sant' Eustachio, but if ice cream is more your style head to Gelato do San Crispino, they have the most delicious looking ice cream you've ever seen.

Most parts of Rome can be reached by bus, although the network can seem quite complicated. You can get a map of the bus routes from the main terminus, which is located just outside Termini Station. However, routes change constantly in the city, and the map may already be out of date. Routes generally run from 6.00am to midnight, and several areas are then serviced by night buses. Most bus stops clearly state where the bus is coming form and going. Tickets need to be bought in advance and stamped on the bus. Normally you should get on at the back or front of the bus and exit in the middle.

Rome is connected by a big, cheap, underground metro. Don't bother with car hire; you can get wherever you want quickly and cheaply without the worries relating to drinking and Italian drivers,

There's a beach; it's a half hour train away, but it has good quality sand and there are some swanky smart cocktail bars on the seafront. Why not get away from the city bustle for a day!

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