Holidays in Bangkok

by seanm 

(from: Oct 16, 2010 to: Nov 16, 2010)

Holidays to Bangkok include the glittering temples, particularly the fabulous Grand Palace, attractive Wat Po, with its colossal reclining Buddha, and peaceful Wat Arun, Temple of the Dawn on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. Bangkok has many cultural influences, alive at hundreds of wonderful restaurants and the Chinese and Indian market districts.

Bangkok has always been a favorite when it comes to budget holidays. This is true even today with Bangkok becoming a major travel hub with cheap flights coming into the city from different corners of the globe. Cheap flights are also being offered for those who have had their fill of Bangkok and would like to proceed to other locations across Asia. If flight is not for you, then a train is always available to take you to Laos, Malaysia and Burma.

If you are a budget traveler and want to enjoy Bangkok like any other person then the place to start off would be Koh Shan Road. Here you should go for hotels and guesthouses that are located close to the river. The budget hotels and guesthouses on this street are cheaper and usually offer better rooms with more amenities.

Bangkok Nightlife is amazing! It's naughty! It's juicy! Featuring live music, chilly bars, high-spirited dance venues and great restaurants to entertain you with large mix of musical styles including drum and bass, hip-hop, house, trance, chart music, rock and Thai music, Bangkok is at its best during nights; it's thrilling!

You can enjoy every type of activity along Khao San Road during night. This is possibly the most notable street in Bangkok, located in the old city and famed for backpackers. Every variety of pub / bar / club is sited here; some of the most notable ones are Silk Bar, Lava Club, Shamrock Irish Pub, Gullivers and The Club.

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