Heuneburg Museum and the roman museum at Ennetach

by Wazling 

(from: Aug 29, 2009 to: Aug 29, 2009)

I visited the two small museum at Herbertingen Hundersinge, the Heuneburgmuseum, and the ancient roman museum at Mengen Ennetach. These two museum werent as big as for example the ones at Cologne or Mainz, but they are very well done with their exhibitions. For the two museums you can buy also an combined ticket, giving you access to both for an reduced price. Also the Federseemuseum at Bad Buchau is included.

Aug 29, 2009 The Heuneburg museum at Hundersingen (Ortsstrasse 2) ( 47)
Aug 29, 2009 The ancient romans museum at Mengen Ennetach (Kastellstrasse 52) ( 66)

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