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(from: Mar 26, 2012 to: Dec 31, 2015)

India being the most amazing land of natural beauty illuminated with natural wildlife has many awesome reasons to attract most of the visitors across the world. When we talk about natural wildlife and its habitats the one and only landscape shimmers in front of our eyes which is the most fascinating, India.

You can find thousands of wild lives, sanctuaries across the country out of which Jim Corbett National park has its own importance and significance. It is one of its own kind of national park which was being recognized in the year 1936 as the first national park in India which is being spread across the area of 1288 sq km. The area also includes the kalagarh forest division and Ramnagar forest division.

Corbett national park is the land of trumpet, roar and songs that lies in two major districts called Nainital and Pauri. The geographical location makes this land the most perfect habitat for all the wild creatures including Bengal tiger, Asiatic elephant, cheetah, rhinoceros, giraffe, flying fox, Gariyal, king cobra and many more along with more than 600 species of amazing birds including the migratory birds.

Earlier, in the year 1936, the park was being famed as Hailey national park and then it was changed to Ramganga National Park but finally the name was dedicated to the famous hunter turned conservationist called Jim Corbett and the park is still being known as 'Jim Corbett National Park'.

There could be many reasons why millions of tourists come across this amazing national park? First and foremost reason is that this park is one of the nine tiger reserves created at the launch of the Project Tiger in 1973. The second reason is the availability of large number of species of wild living creatures and the most attractive reason is that one can have finest Corbett hotels at the centre of this jungle which is so famed to be called as Jim Corbett Park.

You can have many latest amenities and facilities carpeting your way for a wonderful adventurous trip or an amalgamating Indian safari. You can select any of the resorts or lodges that are so beautifully constructed and designed by the staffs of the National Park authority, keeping all the comforts and relaxation for you, in their mind.

Therefore, it will really be a fantastic moment for you if you plan your holiday in India to dedicate your feelings for all the natural and wild creatures of this beautiful world at one of the amazing landscapes called the Corbett National Park.

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