Explore vividness of nature with Corbett weekend

by Richa 

(from: Oct 3, 2012 to: Oct 3, 2013)

You know about Corbett National Park, don’t you? The national Park is the oldest National Park of India, only after which the other wildlife preservations and protection area came into existence. Located in the state of Uttarakhand, near the well-known tourist hill station Nainital, the park is easy to reach and the journey is also made very enjoyable with the nice sceneries around. Spending weekends in Corbett doesn’t get hectic rather it is difficult to find journey’s as relaxing as in the Corbett National part in the embrace of nature.

The Life of Corbett

Visiting Corbett National Park will be very exciting but that will also depend on what you came here looking for and how high your expectations are. The other thing that should be known beforehand is the weather and suitable attire to get the maximum fun out of your trip.

With the Project Tiger, be assured to find them but make sure you have talked to the guided to know where you can locate them for most of the time. In addition to the tigers you will spot many animals local to this area. There are some that will never be noticed by you due to camouflage or sleeping habits. Like nocturnal animals and reptiles are almost never stumbled upon.

The flora and fauna is also of importance, but not to the casual visitor. They enjoy birding more than studying the shape of the leaves of any particular plant. They may also enjoy hiking as an activity or views of the park from the back of the elephant. Be ready to witness gorges, gurgling water streams, swamps, foliage of forest leaves, spectacular views of nature and wildlife in one of the best preserved areas.

Corbett Weekend Tour

So, the plan is to leave on the Friday Night for the destination. By road the distance is 270 Km that can be covered in the overnight journey by car. Time suitable to reach early in the morning is 11.00 PM.

On Saturday, you are on for the trip to the Corbett National Park. Around 6:00 AM you can check-in at the Resort of your choice where you will be served with the welcome drink. This will be followed by a breakfast after you get freshen up for the day. Relax in the Resort and get some sleep if you couldn’t manage that in the car. You can also choose to enjoy local sights of Garjia temple and Corbett museum. Keep evening for the Elephant safari, after which the time will be for the Dinner and then sleep (or whatever is on your mind besides the park).

Sunday is the day for Corbett National Park. Spot tigers and other animals for 2 and half or three hours and then back at resort, you will be preparing for return journey to home!

Have fun this weekend!
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