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(from: Aug 27, 2012 to: Aug 27, 2012)

Bhutan is an exquisite place, even more exquisite for those who have already tasted the thrill of trekking and mountain biking in Bhutan, a small country. The Kingdom of Bhutan flaunts its beauty as a winter treat for tourists along with the gifts of nature so lavishly bestowed upon it. The country is landlocked by the Himalayas, neighboring countries of Nepal, India and Bangladesh and still frequented for the tourism it has to offer.

Explore the following adventures in Bhutan:

1. Trekking
Trekking is physical exertion, true. But, it is also an exhilarating way to appreciate the nature as it is.Bhutan Trekking is no different in giving you this feel, except for the names of the places. A glimpse of the culture and tradition of Bhutan is like icing on the cake when you are here. Try the following:

Snowman Trek
It is a tour of 27 days into the cradle of nature but you will not feel lulled by its surroundings exactly. It will start from Paro and you will be trekking at an altitude of 5400 m. The trip will include sightseeing and trekking to Taktsang monastery followed by Jele Dzong, Soi, Jangothang, Linghsi, Chebisa village, Shomuthang, Robluthang, Laya, Roduphu, Narithang, Tarina, Woche, Lhedi, Tanza, Tshochena, Jichu Dramo, Chukarpo, Tempetso, Marothang and Nicachu Zam. It will prove to be a very exhaustive trekking tour covering all major trekking areas of Bhutan

Cholom Hary Trek
Cholom Hary trekking tour of 14 days will take you to treks of Taktsang monastery followed by drive to Drugyel Dzong from where your trekking will be resumed to Shana then to Soi Thangthangkha followed by Jangothang, Lingshi, Shodu, Barshong and finally to Dodina. You will be returning to Thimpu for sightseeing and then for your return journey.

Bhumathang Culture Trek
A trekking trip of 14 days, including hiking to Taktsang monastery, sightseeing of Thimphu, drive to Wangduephodrang (with views of eastern Himalayas) followed by Trongsa, and Bumthang. Sightseeing to these places will emphasize on the beauty of Bhutan. After this, comes the trekking to Ngang Lhakhang, Ugyenchholing and Mebartsho. The trip ends with your return journey to Wangduephodrang where you will get a chance to see Punakha Dzong and then back to home.

Bhutan Laya Trek
The 21 days trekking trip will give you insights of Taktsang monastery, Drugyel Dzong, Shana, Soi Thangthangkha, Jangothang, Lingshi, Chebisa, Shomuthang, Robluthang, Limithang, Laya, Koina, Gasa Hot spring, Goen Damji and Tashithang. With Tashithang, your trekking will end.

2. Mountain Biking
Huge range of spectacular trails will lure you in coming and visiting these treks again. A flight from Delhi will take you to Paro for your onward journey to Thimphu. You will start biking to Thimphu, reaching places like Punakha,Wangduephodrang, Gangtey, Trongsa, Bumthang, Ura, Limithang, Mongar, Gom Kora, Trashi Yangtse, Trashigang and then, getting back to Thimphu. From here you will reach Paro Airport for flight to your destination.

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