Everest view Trekking

by nepal-trek 

(from: Sep 4, 2012 to: Sep 14, 2012)

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Everest view Himalaya Trek in Everest region area. Mount Everest is world's glorious and highest mountain in the World. Everest view trek is short popular trekking.This short everest trek is designed who does not have enough holidays but interested to see Mt Everest closely.
We starts this trek from Lukla after 30 minutes scenic mountain flight. It will take you some of beautiful Everest Sherpa village area. This is also the homeland of famous Sherpa people. Taking you to the closest to the Everest Mountain, where you can feel also a piece of heaven on Earth. The trail takes you to the Himalayas, where you can get the most experience moment in your life. You can experience of natural beauty, geological magnificence and profound cross-cultural discovery. The Sherpa residents of great Khumbu valley below Mount Everest, believe that all things - mountains, plants and animals are sacred. After the first monsoon rains in June, the hillsides become green and different varieties of flowers start blooming, and butterflies of myriad species appear in different colors.118 species of birds and 26 species of butterflies have made this park their home.Some of the endangered animals that are found in this park are musk deer, wild yak, red panda, snow leopard and Himalayan black bear.

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