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by Richa 

(from: Sep 19, 2012 to: Sep 19, 2015)

Luxury in wilderness is the motto of today’s travel propositions. Tourists want to have everything under one umbrella, even if hyper imaginative and this has lead to the merging of the above two ideas. Well, imaginations define the adventure, excitement and thrill and some of it has been captured in the Country Inn Treetops Resort when we are talking about an expedition in Corbett in king style.

The Wilderness
In the Jim Corbett National Park, one can get to see the scariest member of the animal kingdom, starting with Tigers and some other hunters. In addition to them, enjoying and exploring, flora, fauna and birding are some serious activities to consider. Ride an elephant or hike on foot, your adventure will always seem starting rather than ending, see it from any point of your Corbett tour.

While making a visit to Nainital in Uttarakhand, coming to Corbett seems natural addition to the tour. Spread in more than 520 Km squares, this national park is home to many species of reptiles, mammals, trees, insects and birds along with being associated with project tiger for a long time.

Enjoy its wilderness more with the many luxury resorts in the area around Corbett, more with the one mentioned above and detailed below:

Country Inn Treetops Resort
The place is a very suitable accommodation you want to escape from the routine and regulars of their life, that included going through the days mot exactly the way life wants but dragging it day by day. It being the eco-friendly place to stay has merged greens into definition of lavishness.

Rooms for you
Made from totally from materials regarded as eco-friendly, all the rooms are inviting and alluring. 34 rooms included under deluxe suites and cottages are quite spacious and equipped with all the amenities that could be needed.

A tree top cottage at the height of 40 ft above from the ground is a different experience to relish. Glass bedroom at that elevation is not something one will get to see and stay in routine life.

Retreat for the days of vacations
This escape for some memorable time in the resort can be made so by engaging into Spa and massage, swimming enjoyed more with Jacuzzi, Area for kids play and retreat. Men always at work can employ the conference hall “Flamingo”. If any special celebration during vacation is on mind, go for Kingfisher, a banquet hall meant for holding events or go for shopping for people and friends waiting at home from Souvenir Shop.

Luxury resort in Corbett as the one explained above stands out due to many features and attributes. Try, experience and rate for others!

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