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(from: Oct 9, 2012 to: Oct 9, 2013)

Have you been to one of the biggest national park of India, the Jim Corbett National Park? If not then you have missed a great time in the embrace of nature where you would have been accompanied by wildlife that lives on instincts.

The Park

Located in the Nainital District, at a distance of few Km from Nainital, this national park generally acts as an extension of trip to Nainital Hill station. Oldest of all the present national parks in India, this was the brainchild of hunter and wildlife enthusiast Jim Corbett, and hence the name of the park. Known for renowned project tiger, the park is home to many species of animal and plant kingdom.

It is so big in size that the tourism management department had to divide it in 5 zones, to better cater the need of wildlife tourists. You can enjoy this aspect of tourism near Nainital by staying in Forest Lodges in Corbett located in all the 5 zones. Jhirna, Dikhala, Domunda, Bijrani and Sonanadi are the five zones where you can stay in the rest houses as elaborated below:

1. In Dikhala Zone – Entry gate Durgadevi. Go through the following resorts in this zone:

Dhikala Forest Lodge- Most enjoyable location of Corbett, this lodge in near Ramganaga River, booking of which is done from ramnagar itself. Located 30 K away from the entry gate, this resort offers niceviews and chanced meeting with some of the wildlife.

Sarapduli Rest House- Birds and bigger animals like elephants are located very casually in the proximity of this resort. At south of Ramganaga River, it is fun to stay here.

Sultan Rest House- Named after Sultan Sot, the location of this resort is just mind boggling with its sceneries. This is the first resort from Dhangarhi to Dhikhala and hence nearest to the gate.

Gairal Rest House- Rivers, forest and wildlife is the noise that will reach to you on your stay here. Located on the bank of Ramganga River, it should not be missed.

The other important rest houses are Khinnanauli Rest House and Kanda Rest House located near this zone.

2. Bijrani Zone- Entry is Amadanda Gate.

Malani Rest House- Meant for bird lovers it does not stops others as well to enjoy the scenery offered by this rest house.

Bijrani Gest House- For the amusement of wildlife, this place is for you!

3. Jhirna Jone- Entry gate is Khara, Kalagarh

Jhirna Rest House- Located in the depth of southern part, on the road to kalagarh from Ramnagar, this place is nice stay for wildlife including boars, sloth bears etc.

4. Sonanadi Zone- Entry gate is Vatanvasa.

Lohachaur Rest House- Accessed easily by Durgadevi gate, it is located on a buffer area on the confluence of River Mandal and Ramganga.

The other popular forest lodges of Corbett in this area include Rathuadhab Rest House and Halduparao Rest House. Enjoy your time here!
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