City Breaks in Malta

by seanm 

(from: Aug 15, 2010 to: Aug 20, 2010)

Malta tourism is booming. Hotels are full; so much so that some tourists have had to be sent to Gozo - and the odd one even as far as Sicily! Yes, the figures show that 2007 is turning out to be the best year for tourism in Malta in at least the last six years, with increases not only in terms of arrivals, but also in hotel rates and occupancies. National Statistics Office figures for September showed that arrivals were 17.8 per cent up on last year.

For those of you who know little about this group of islands, here is a little background. Firstly Malta is compact. The entire country has a surface area of just 316 km. But rather than work against it, this small size just serves to make visiting Malta city breaks a more intense experience with everything accessible to everyone from everywhere.

The country is made up of three islands with Malta the largest, Gozo second and the tiny island of Comino wedged in between its two larger neighbours.

'On our part, we took three conscious decisions and are reaping the positive results: the introduction of low-cost carriers in a big way, while keeping in mind the interests of legacy carriers, including Air Malta, and tour operators; increased investment to market Malta more effectively overseas; and the organisation of a wide array of cultural and entertainment events that render Malta a unique experience for the Maltese and tourists alike.'

Sliema is the heart of shopping in Malta. It is a mixture of residential and commercial properties. There is a great walking promenade that runs for several kilometres, that takes you all the way from Gzira to St Julians. It is central to most places and is easy to get to with public transport. There is movement in both winter and summer months and one does not need to rent a car to get by.

Victoria (Gozo)
As the Capital City of Gozo, is the heart of shopping in Gozo with a number of cafes worth trying out. The Citadel in Victoria is surrounded by huge bastions built to protect the city. It is filled with narrow winding streets that have many local shops. You can sample some of the local produce as well as make purchases to take home with you. Renting a car in Gozo is recommended.

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