Chardham tour for cleansing soul and mind

by Richa 

(from: Mar 20, 2012 to: Mar 20, 2012)

Journey to God's adobe bringing peace to your mind and rejuvenating your soul, and this is possible with Chardham yatra. This journey is critical Hindu pilgrimage circuit in the Himalayan range. Located in the Garhwal section of the state of Uttrakhand, chota Char Dham include four sites namely Sri Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath. All the aforementioned holds spiritual vitality and unique in own fashion and drawing attention of devotees and tourists across globe. 8th century philosopher and spiritual guru shankaracharya made the formation of chardham, which now attracts followers in galore.

Chardham holding vitality in Hinduism

Char Dham yatra is very important for a Hindu. This journey is for spirituality, self-realization and a search for the truth. Chardham represents all three major Hindu sectarian traditions, which are two goddess sites - Yamunotri and Gangotri, Shaiva site - Kedarnath, and one Vaishnava site – Badrinath. All four spots have their own significance but Badrinath is the most vital pillar as journey without visiting this holy spot is all effort ending in vain.

Char dham journey – Earlier and Now

Earlier chardham tour was very tough due to improper roads and commutation. Even today travelling gets difficult due to land sliding events or any calamity. Besides, lack of modern communication hindered many devotees from visiting the place. However, cutting edge technology has made visit to Chardham as easy affair. The yatra is now laced with great comfort and better roads along with quality accommodation facilities. Plus, this spiritual spots have gain international popularity due online and global promotion by government. There are several travel websites, Char dham packages and tour operators integrating more interest and charm with chardham yatra. For instance, chardham travel through helicopter or char dham visits with adventure sports. Various packages have allured urban classes in good number and several are now turning up for the same.
Char dham has managed to capture attentions not just because of the holiness but people are mesmerized by the beauty of the places offering scenic views. The natural beauty and complete solace from daily life's hustle bustle are ingredients offering complete peace of mind and serenity to soul.

A visit for soul revival

Contemporary elements competition and lifestyle has united our minds with materialistic thoughts, where we have compromised with genuine meaning of human life. Chardham travel will help in realizing the lost meaning of human life and will also help seek complete divinity. It will cleansed our negative thoughts and impart us knowledge to follow the path leading to humanity.

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