Cappadocia Tours, كابادوكيا

by makayinpersim 

(from: Jan 15, 2014 to: Jan 15, 2014)

Cappadocia Nevsehir province is located in the boundaries of the special cave hotel and have stayed here and the hotel had very spacious rooms and warm in winter and cool in summer had a natural ventilation system. Cappadocia is a wonder of nature and the mountains here that Hasan was formed after cooling lava. Everyone from another planet came to cappadocia? asks the question. Our tour guide went with the middle fortress and a classic Turkish village here, and here are two-storey house. We went to the Goreme open air museum where there were lots of fairy chimneys cave people used to live here. I had reserved cave church was doing and the people here worship in the church veil virgin mary jesus prophet and is decorated with paintings and mosaics. Cappadocia is a wonderland and the end of the highest hill fort went here and here cappadocia cappadocia landscape were very nice and had the Turkish flag.

We went to Cappadocia Zelvia open-air museum, where there were numerous cave and the fairy chimneys cappadocia balloon tours, and we attended a very nice here and 250 meters from the ground We have come here to height and had a very nice view of cappadocia. If this is Ihlara valley of the river flowing in the middle of a beautiful nature and wonderful river and right had left many cave. Pole and borehole 5-7 storey underground cities and people here have used for shelter during the winter snowy weather. Avanos where the pottery crockery water deck and very nice souvenir shops selling handicraft works are. At Pigeon pigeon valley including flights where you can see lots of birds.

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