Best Istanbul Oldcity

by makayinpersim 

(from: Jan 13, 2014 to: Jan 13, 2014)

I and my husband have attended to my private istanbul old city , Sultanahmet hippodrome , we met with our tour guide . Our tour guide told us very detailed information about istanbul . Istanbul is a city in 2010 became the world capital of culture . My first Bzanti lived in the Golden Horn , a natural inner harbor golden horn . istanbul Roman Empire during the first structure of the hippodrome and the other cemberlitas . cemberlitas very large marble statue of the king on the column has . Hippodrome horse races and gladiatorial battles Olympics were held here from Egypt obelisk has two pieces and is used as an arena hippodrome . The time of Constantine Istanbul has been a world capital . Thdorakis around Istanbul with huge walls made ​​the city a very sheltered . There is a very large mansion Hippodrome and this serves as a museum of Turkish Islam . German emperor German fountain was built as a gift to the Ottoman sultans .

The period of Ottoman sultan ahmet made ​​on behalf of a very nice Hippodrome Blue Mosque is located. Blue Mosque was made by the master architect Sedefkar Mehmet 7 years . this is a very thin 6 and 16 has a balcony with tall minarets . Made from a very wide variety of flowers and gardens are located in the courtyard are made ​​of marble and wide . my interior is decorated with blue Iznik tiles mosaics and calligraphy manuscripts are very nice . Hagia Sophia in 531 by the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian made ​​and this is a magnificent work of art with architecture . Hagia Sophia of Jesus Christ on the inside justinyen hmozaik konstantina and is adorned with pictures . In 1453, Sultan Mehmet Istanbul Hagia Sophia Mosque as having conquest serve . Vermektedir.muhteşe last 50 years as a museum and sea views are a Bosphorus , Hagia sophia blue mosque and approximately 5 minutes walk .

Topkapi palace has a very wide range of trees and flowers that are in numerous mansions. Sultan Mehmet the first time the pavilion was made Baghdad. Topkapi room has own pace and this is the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire, the garden of the main building there are 3 ways to use and the sultan is the middle path. Sultan Abdulhamid II carriages are used by horse-drawn carriage. Whether the sultans and harems where women were part of the family is called, has lots of room and has a pool in the garden of the harem. The vaults made ​​of gold, silver, rubies here sultan items are exhibited here. Topkapi Bosphorus and sea views are very nice. Enderun school children and clever sultan private schools where children receive training. Topkapi palace made ​​of classic Ottoman architecture and numerous articles of gold was used.

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