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(from: Aug 9, 2012 to: Aug 9, 2012)

Travelling for adventure is not unheard but it still creates jitters in those who do not fall in the category. Most of the time, travelling is supposed to relax body and mind. It different for travellers preferring adrenaline rush over comfort zone. If you are in the latter category, some of the best places in India await you to relish the excitement offered by them. You are most welcome to take tiger tour in many of the national parks meant to conserve tigers, as they are becoming extinct as specie. You can also go for Elephant Safari in Corbett, Birding in South India and Tiger Photography Tour,depending upon what you like most and how.

Tiger Tour
If tigers are your favourite, you can get a close view on their lives conserved in various National parks of India. Some are meant especially for them only. There it is tried to multiply their population to keep them out of extinction. Ranthambore Tiger Reserves, Kanha National Park, Keoladeo Ghana national Park, Jim Corbett National Park, Bandhav Garh National Park, Periyar Wildlife sanctuary, and many others could be added in the list to make it exhaustive. Make your acquaintance with strongest and fastest of wild cats here.

Tiger Photography Tour
Wildlife in natural form has attracted nature lovers and clicking the best moments comes naturally in such places. Bandhavgarh and Kanha national park offers you an exclusive opportunity to save the memories of these great cats in cameras. You would be rewarded delightfully with the rare moments of other wild species as well.

Elephant Safari in Corbett
Elephant is a very intelligent and social animal. They amuse children very much and scare those who have witnessed their strength going awry. India offers a nice array of wildlife sanctuaries where elephants are found in great numbers. Jim Corbett National park is the best option among the others for an elephant safari. You can choose to ride on trained elephants with Mahovat and enjoy a view of forest from a height and with mild pace. Do get a dip with them as well. You would realise why elephant Safari is a must do in Corbett.

Birding in South India
These flying creatures are most fascinating with their wings spanned in sky. Enjoy viewing them in the popular bird sanctuaries of south India. Western Ghats are best for this leisure where a huge range of bird pay their visit all round the year. Species like Nilgiri Pipit, Malabar Trogon, Crab-plover, Painted Bushquail and Spoon-billed Sandpiper. You would never feel half tired spotting and pointing birds of various size, colour and origin. Places you can look to visit are Munnar, Nagarahole, Ooty, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Masinagudi and many others.

These fun opportunities are to make you trip to India more fun satisfying the adventurer and a wildlife enthusiast in you. Make the best of them.

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