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by ultimatetravel 

(about Cebu City, Philippines, added on May 15, 2009)

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ultimatetravel wrote on May 17, 2009:Thanks Zlori. Regarding the Chinese game it's just the same concept as the game in Nokia 3310 called Bantumi. But this 'sungka' the name of the Chinese game, do require 7 stones/shells in each hole except for the 2 bigger holes. One bigger hole will be the homebase of the other player and the other bigger hole for another player. In order to start the game, there will be a determination of who will start first (I forgot how though;). The first player will choose one hole out of seven and get all the 7 stones/seashells and then put one stone per hole after the hole which the player got the 7 stones, the player should put one stone on the homebase. The player's turn will stop if the last stone will be dropped on a hole with no stone at all. When there are no more stones left, whatever the stones placed in the homebase should be the basis of putting 7 stones each, if there are only 6 stones, then the player will place back to stones to the homebase and leave one hole empty. The player with less than 7 stones at the end will lose the game. We can play this game if you come here in Cebu, will teach you;)

zlori wrote on May 17, 2009:Hey, I liked this gallery. Can you tell me how the Chinese game with 16 holes works? :) Regards

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