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by tarquitius 

(about Xanten, Germany, added on Apr 27, 2009)


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tarquitius wrote on Apr 28, 2009:[quote]By the way sorry for beeing fudge [/quote] I forgot: Are you implying that you are sweet, in which case there would be no need for apologizing, or are you talking about talking nonsense? ;) :D

tarquitius wrote on Apr 28, 2009:It is a reconstruction of the ROman city walls of VETERA, on the upper Rhine. Xanten nowadays is a rather small and sleepy place...

erato wrote on Apr 28, 2009:Now this has to be a fortress. By the way sorry for beeing fudge but where Xanten exactly is? Unfortunatelly I never heared about it, is it a famous German ville somehow? Cheers

cipristb wrote on Apr 27, 2009:nice pictures :D

tarquitius wrote on Apr 27, 2009:From 2003 they are. :)

Wazling wrote on Apr 27, 2009:Hey, nice pics. Are they from our last stay at Xanten with the Populares?

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