Visiting Mum in England

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by Sayuri87 

(about Winsford, United Kingdom, added on Aug 17, 2010)

A trip to my Mum in England a couple of years ago. She moved back to Hungary since then.


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TravelerV wrote on Apr 17, 2011:The page for your review errored and did not allow me to add this to the page the article is on so I am including it here.

Thank you for an interesting review of Calais, France, it definitely made me want to visit. I love these little seaside type villages. They have so much to offer and the best is as you stated, the clean fresh salt air and peacefulness!!! I do not know if I will be visiting any time soon, but you make it sound so inviting! Again, thank you!

TravelerV wrote on Apr 17, 2011:Sorry for the spelling errors, I tend to make more when late and tired. Definitley not a good combination for me. England-not england and beautiful not beuatiful.

TravelerV wrote on Apr 17, 2011:These are beuatiful pictures. Thank you for sharing them and giving us a glimpse of what it looks like in england! Makes me want to move!!! :+))))

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