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by anita_meszaros 

(about Bled, Slovenia, added on Oct 28, 2009)


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anita_meszaros wrote on Oct 30, 2009:We have been climbing the highest mountain of the Slovenian Alps, called Triglav (2864). I am pretty proud of myself :)It was really amazing, great experiance.

zdanko wrote on Oct 28, 2009:One on the best galleries I have ever seen on this community! The place is breath-taking, the quality of the pictures is great... Congratulations!

erato wrote on Oct 28, 2009:Wooow, this is amazing! Where were this pictures taken? You were climbing, I suppose. It's beautiful. :)

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Anita_meszaros's comment on Oct 30, 2009 6:45:well, to answer MadSuh's question, it was not me who took that pic but my friend who is a great photographer, as you can see. :)

MadSuh's comment on Oct 29, 2009 2:47:now that's a picture perfect shot... Did you really take that one or is it from some scene of the Lord of the Rings. Congrats!



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