Trasilvanian Alps

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by marius_f 

(about Fagaras, Romania, added on Apr 13, 2009)

Winter trip in Transilvanian Alps

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bruzli wrote on Apr 23, 2009:You forgot to put a travelgrove sticker on that panel

Wazling wrote on Apr 14, 2009:Great pictures! Must have been also an exceptional view from the mountain! i call you from now on Reinhold Messner!

zdanko wrote on Apr 13, 2009:Great pictures! I think Fagaras is a good place for Travelgrove ads :D I also like the picture where a bear is looking at you (pic 143, page 9).

marius_f wrote on Apr 13, 2009:Cipri we have a deal, one beer for the pic! :)

cipristb wrote on Apr 13, 2009:Nice advertisement for travelgrove on the Transilvanian Alps ... when do you want to do this for too? :D (how much ... :D)

cipristb wrote on Apr 13, 2009:nice landscape, Marius you're the best

stef wrote on Apr 13, 2009:WOW!

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