The Towel Zoo

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by iluveurope 

(about Istanbul, Turkey, added on May 29, 2009)

Towel Animals

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iluveurope wrote on Jun 1, 2009:erato, great suggestion. I will do that.

stef, I know that Carnival sells the book 'Carnival Towel Creations Book' for $14.95. I googled towel animals and hundreds of sites came up.

erato wrote on May 31, 2009:If you ask me, the animal from picture nr.4 is a badger, that would explain its position. :D By the way, the towel animals are very nice; you should name the gallery 'The Towel Zoo'. :)

stef wrote on May 30, 2009:Cool!
Is there a tutorial about this on the net? Something like origami tutorials how to fold them to obtain this figures?

timecop wrote on May 29, 2009:Those are too cute.

iluveurope wrote on May 29, 2009:Not sure what most of these are.

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