The Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

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by zdanko 

(about Vienna, Austria, added on Aug 18, 2009)

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Blankuci's comment on Sep 28, 2009 7:00:it's a real post card picture :)


Zdanko's comment on Aug 18, 2009 22:21:Trust me if I say: it's hard to 'solve' this maze ;)


Szbogi's comment on Aug 18, 2009 22:33:This part of the labyrinth was for kids... but every adult had fun who entered :) These were some tiles which made different sounds if you stepped on them.


Szbogi's comment on Aug 18, 2009 22:37:I hoped very very much that until I took this picture that grapefruit stayed on the tree... I don't know how much would have been the fee if it would have remained in Zoli's hand :p



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